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It’s somewhat disturbing that the first poem I choose to publish publicly is a eulogy, but then again it could have been about cute talking bunnies… how sad will that be? Anyway, this one’s dedicated to lost loved ones and broken friendships.

Death cheats, and memories redress

Loss is not for the dead, but for the living
Grief smothers the soul, but life continues on
Death does not extinguish the wildfire of love
It will not snuff out the torch of memories
For I bask if only in the contentment of knowing you

Sorrow hurts with a pain that feels good
Nurturing a life where pleasure is found only in misery
Yet hope must live on
The anguishes of love are no reason for life without it
Its absurdities are no shame to identify with
Neither its passions a woe for public expression
There can be no fear of spectators

The loss of love must drive forward
It must testify of another’s life that was worth living
One that endures beyond loss
Love is bittersweet, it is a sickness
Afflicting even the most invulnerable of people
Treat me of love, but stay me away from cure

My tears are as waters drawn out of an ocean,
Inevitably flowing back into their source
Dripping cold water upon your every thought
Yet your flame burns and is unquenched

I will not spend the rest of my life crying
Because love survives

Selah… [silent reflections | El Lamento De Carmen]

Tears well up in my eyes
Not for love, but for you
Black roses bloom – feelings outliving their saddening grace
Absent in Nature, yet lingering for a thousand years
Imagination is the root of unbelief

Here sounds a silent trumpet
Confessing words never to be heard
Still waters reflecting faithfulness
This heart is true
It stumbles, it falters, it weeps
But it is unmoved

Death cheats, and memories redress

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