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Ubiquitous Love

You cannot have of love what you do not believe of it
We neither can marry everyone we love, nor should we

Love cherishes and adores
Its adoration is purer than mere romance
Its essence will last years after dalliance
We love to nurture fellowship
We love for mutual actualization

Love is synergy, not oneness
It is resolve, not chemistry
Love is a practice of awareness

The sway of love is a great power
A thousand lovers cannot satisfy its entirety
A single person cannot embody all its variety –
Because love is a being of many incarnations
Each form carries peculiar meaning and vibrance

Love is as a tree: firmly rooted in a union
Yet, it branches out into the assortment of life itself
Nurturing its surrounding with shelter and comfort,
Whilst enjoying the vitality and nourishment of its habitat
Great trees are not fragile, but sturdy and robust
They survive changing seasons and adversity
They sustain more lives than their own
They landmark an area

Love is ubiquitous
You find of it what you first hold within you

Love is home… first built in your heart

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