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Death by a Thousand Cuts

While listening to a talk by Jon Ronson last week, I recalled a childhood experience that I recounted in a letter some time ago. Today, I’d like to share Ronson‘s talk, and will be introducing the talk with this excerpt from the letter: … …It was probably in the American equivalent of sixth grade. Our English teacher presented us with a comprehension…

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It Doesn’t Get Better

Following a few articles I read over the weekend, I haven’t been able to shake my head off thinking about adolescent children – especially the period of ‘cool’. I found the above video and this article particularly interesting, Cool Kids Lose, Though It May Take A Few Years. Even though I understand the perspective, I’m not…

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Nobody’s Poster Person Featured

One of the perks of finding and living your identity is that you become an inspiration to others. Some will openly tell you how much they look up to you for the way they live out their lives, and others will just sponge up quietly. The rub comes when you become so absorbed into the…

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