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Dili C. Francis

Dili C. Francis

O Wind, if Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Percy Bysshe Shelley

I am a product of faithful friends and role models. I’m neither a square-jawed hero nor a nefarious villain, humanity is somewhere in the middle. I am a hugger, a toucher, by nature emotionally generous, and also have an unconcealed capacity to be pragmatic, solitary, and irreverent… life has its drawbacks:/ I do not take life for granted or too seriously, and principles are usually the frame of my demeanor – not impression. I genuinely deem everyone interesting and are intentional about connecting, but prefer the company of people that lead a purposeful life. I am race and gender sentient – the world is bigger than any one ethnic or gender group no matter how nuanced and fascinating it may seem to itself. Consequently, I make and actively pursue friendships across genders and cultures – maintaining that quality cross-gender relations needn’t be sensual to enjoy depth and meaning. I’m quicker with names and slow with faces. I dislike goodbyes and reunions alike, yet faithfully cherish the faintest acquaintance even over distance – every bond is different. I esteem people highly. Nonetheless, my sense of self is independent of popular acceptance – whether positive or negative, with impunity.

I wrote the logs on this site to muse aloud, and although a fan of intricate long reads, my goal here was to publish short articles that make deep connections [hopefully], not an intellectual or professional impression. The theme of my writing is reflective: from business to life as an everyday person. Some entries are independent bits to a larger more personal collage of meaning. Still, being a public journal, every article is open to a kindred spirit.

Born in Nigeria, I grew up amidst the sputtered variety of both its northern and southern cultures. The assortment of my background instills in me an overwhelming fondness for humanity as a race. I love our species. We are a resourceful, resilient, and largely magnanimous race. My admiration for humanity resounds in every individual I meet, even in mundane situations. Every person, no matter their station in life, mirrors the essence of the human experience I treasure and respect. Frankly, I see why our race remains the obsession of deities. As a people, even as a single soul, we are infinite and profoundly priceless.

Like coins or watch collectors, my pleasure is in collecting and sharing authentic moments among strangers, loved ones, or vicariously through learning or listening to others over events, hosted gatherings, shared activities, or in solitude. I especially like conversations about life, relationships, business, history, science, and technology. I’m not much of a sports watcher, live or television, but enjoy winter and extreme sports perhaps for their sheer psychological thrill. I appreciate art, culture, and music – a piano dabbler. Most of all, however, I adore grit, creators, and the problem-solvers of our time. I love life and the people in it, and while I aim to lead a life that affects others positively, I hope to always define myself intrinsically – free from achievements and popular acceptance: good or bad. We’ll see.

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