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Daily In My Thoughts

In our human tendency for egocentricity,
Teach us to hold others close to heart
Remembering that they, just like us, share in this life –
Even if different from ours
We have our preoccupations, others have theirs, too
We are busy, others are, too
We think ourselves peculiar, others do, too
We think ourselves sometimes weird,
Others have their self-rationalize quirks and foibles, too

Teach us to not overly prioritize our engagement over others,
Or be consumed in self-absorption
Help us accommodate responsibly
Give us a heart that remembers and check on others,
As we appreciate being remembered ourselves and checked upon

Guide our understanding to see,
The good intention of most people;
Gestures often misunderstood in interpretation –
Over the variety of minds and cultures
Give us appreciation of others in their own light,
Without compelling them to the lenses of our own standards

Teach us to be patient
Teach us to be accepting
Teach us to be adaptable

Teach us to love who others are,
As we have learned to love and acknowledge ourselves –
For whoever we are

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