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Surviving a Thousand Cuts

Following up on last week’s post is this talk by Monica Lewinsky: a woman who not only survived a thousand cuts, but now thrives. Humiliation, even more than physical pain, scathes as far as into one’s soul – especially when from a friend or environment you once felt safe being. Monica was hit with more than…

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Death by a Thousand Cuts

While listening to a talk by Jon Ronson last week, I recalled a childhood experience that I recounted in a letter some time ago. Today, I’d like to share Ronson‘s talk, and will be introducing the talk with this excerpt from the letter: … …It was probably in the American equivalent of sixth grade. Our English teacher presented us with a comprehension…

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So Much To Discover

If you grew up in a home with a television set and a video player, you probably had your share of squeaky voices. You know those voices that sound like when your big sister’s yelling at you? While I did not appreciate cartoons with songs every here and there throughout their play, I get surprised…

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The Winner Takes It All

There are those songs you keep coming back to listen, hearing them every time as though for the first. ‘The Winner Takes It All‘ by ABBA is one of those songs. My mom loved ABBA, and we had all their records, on the gramophone, during my childhood. The band holds a nostalgic sentiment for me both because…

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