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So Much To Discover

If you grew up in a home with a television set and a video player, you probably had your share of squeaky voices. You know those voices that sound like when your big sister’s yelling at you? While I did not appreciate cartoons with songs every here and there throughout their play, I get surprised today at how much I still remember and now value those songs. In fact, those songs are sometimes the only tie I still have to those animations and the lessons they teach.

Featured today is probably one of my favorite squeaky voice musical. It’s a girly song, but has a narration that’s very solid – probably one of Disney’s better lyrics. A year seldom passes without me searching and playing this song, sometimes more than a couple times. I think it describes a book lovers’ haven, that awareness only book readers can identify with from experience. The song is from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. Gosh I loved that movie when I was younger, probably now too — preferred it to the regular version (Beauty And The Beast 1). If you haven’t seen Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, you are probably missing the most romanticize Stockholm syndrome case in our generation – but hey?! Maybe that’s a good thing.

Well then, here’s Belle with a song from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas:

And here’s the lyrics. I’ve indulged myself and highlighted my favorite lines:

When I get to know him
We’ll find more things to say
One day I will reach him
There has to be a way

Everyone needs someone
He must need someone, too
When I get to know him better
Here’s what I will do

I’ll read him stories
From picture books all
Filled with wonder
Magic worlds where
The impossible
Becomes the everyday

We’ll find a mountaintop
And some moonbeams
To sit under
I’ll lead because I know the way

So much to discover
I do it all the time

I could live inside bright pages
Where the words all rhyme

We will slay the dragons
That still follow him around

And he’ll smile, yes he’ll smile
As his dreams leave the ground

Stories and stories
‘Bout mermaids, kings
And sunken treasure
Magic worlds where the impossible
Becomes the everyday

I know a tiny place
Just a dot, too small to measure
I’ll take him there
I know the way

Stories ’bout heroes
Who overcame their deepest sorrow
They’ll put hope into his heart again
He’ll cherish every day

He’ll find a better world
And the strength to face tomorrow
I’m sure that when he knows the way
He’ll want to stay

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