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Vision or Passion: Which Drives You?

Most people start out with a vision: a purpose or change they want to see or become. Over time and commitment, they gradually gain dedication for their cause. Then comes passion: an emotional outburst toward the vision or dream. Passion is as fuel. It consumes and drives the charge, which is necessary. However, passion is barely perceptive. We make big decisions, become passionate about them, and can easily make the error of running off only on passion while gradually losing sight of purpose.

Passion, energy, or whatever other names you choose to call it just isn’t enough. You have to keep sight of your target, and what led to the decisions in the first place: the vision. Passion easily blinds vision and, like chemotherapy on cancer treatment, it can wipe out both the obstacles as well as the meaning of the journey – especially through tough oppositions. Passion obsesses on progress, not the essence. When passion alone becomes the dominant drive, a movement loses its soul and, in some cases, its meaning.

At the end of your run, do you find what you started out for, or just what’s left of all you fought off?

The short movie below illustrates the point, and there’s always room to start over. The opportunities of life are remarkably relentless; only the truly dull misses them all.

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