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Life Isn’t Fair, and That’s Great News

In a fair system of life, you have only what you deserve; what you are. There are neither dreams, choices, nor aspirations. You accept your place, without any say or control over the matter. Every function is precisely designed to detail, and duty is exactly according to lot. It’s a life with art or imagination – a clockwork. A life of both content and misery.

It’s probably great news that life isn’t fair because that also means anyone can turn their odds. That you never have to settle. That focused and consistent effort can influence your ‘luck’. That you can be what you think about all day long (Emerson), and for however long you choose. It means you get the privilege to respond, to get up, to shake yourself, and to say “enough”. This approach is the only way of life where the whole is improved because of its members, not only by an invisible giant hand.

Rather than sit complaining about what got you here, those responsible, and how others are getting ahead with less work than you, embrace the virtue. Realize that complaining is ineffective and inconsistent with how things really work. To know that the odds of life are partial toward those that cease them gives you the liberty to dream and aspire. To make a difference. You may have to work a little harder, but at least it is up to you now. You choose.

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