Dili’s Log 傾聽你的心 ― dedicated to the people that got me here.

Business is Charity

I believe in For-Profit businesses as much as I do Non-Profit causes because it takes innovative solutions and money to meet human needs and improve standards of living.

Business is as important as Charity.

It still amazes me the number of young people that think reaching the world is about claiming modesty and going to the needy empty handed only to then turn around with a request and a loud speaker. Some end up adding themselves and their teams to the numbers of the needy. There has to be a balance between the seekers of the need and producers of the resource for the need. I hope more young people will get into their workplaces and businesses with a mind to contribute their enthusiasm, time, talents, sweat, and money in making the business world successful and influencing their industries into a broader bottom line: profit, people, and planet – for the sustained safety of the environment we all share.

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