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A Prologue: The Other Side of Feminism

“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ” ― Roseanne Barr

This post is just a prologue for a more detailed future article exploring the topic.

The feminist subject has been one of particular interest for me in the last year. My stumble onto the video at the end of this article yesterday raises new and very provocative questions on the research for me. One thing I have found certain about humanity from history is that movements are hardly without extremists: those that’ll commandeer just about any avenue as a means to build their narrative. On the other hand, I also hold that merely discrediting the tactics or arguments used to build a story does not discredit the proposition of the story itself.

This video is probably the most profound on how it ties together the other narrative of the feminist movement. Observe however that the video does acknowledge that there is a disparity and only differs on the hype about it, and the advancement so far. Notwithstanding, it also helps to remember that throughout history extremists are usually responsible for the significant steps towards achieving advancements. This often happens at the peak of the momentum, that is right before they eventually push their agenda into marginal returns [consequently initiating their own obsolesce]. That’s one of the humors of the human story.

Oh, and the video is also a stunning use of info marketing. I tip my hat to Prager‘s team.

See video below:

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