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The Strengths of Startups Over Big Companies

Ever since I stumbled into April Dunford‘s work, I haven’t stopped being fascinated with the elegance and simplicity she gives a field as often illusive as marketing. Marketing is one of those elements in business that are more like an art: you either know what you are doing or you don’t. However, thanks to April’s engineering background and wealth of experience, she manages to always break even the most intricate aspects of marketing and customer understanding into simple actionable steps that anyone can follow and measure. I have benefited from this approach and consider her blog, rocketwatcher.com, a sure resource for any startup entrepreneur or marketing personnel.

Last week, April did a post on the Strengths of Startups over Big Companies – covering areas like Team Size, Brand Recognition, Customer and Ecosystem Base, etc. She also included a resourceful slide presentation. If you are a startup owner or have any interest in marketing and business operations, head over and check the article out. After another review on the article earlier, I decided to make my post today a reference to it – just as I am certain readers will find it worthwhile. Here’s the link: https://www.rocketwatcher.com/blog/2014/07/sales-marketing-strengths-startup-vs-big-companies.html

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