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Starting a Business

One of the more frequent questions I get asked about entrepreneurship is ‘how does one start?’

I have made a couple posts, here for example, on some materials that would help give any person interested a general understanding of the variety of ways to enter the world of business and commerce. The material today continues the installment with a step-by-step guide to initiation, raising money, building a culture, and managing a company: whether it be a product or service venture. While having the right information is necessary, I believe the real ‘trick’ to winning is found in cultivating the right mindset for the daunting journey of owning or running a business: mostly around principle and character. With effort and practice, anyone can develop his or herself over time.

The materials covered today adds to that foundation. It’s a public offering by Stanford with various presentations from several business people, some of them notably successful. I believe the series does a good job in both outlining and discussing the most crucial topics around starting a business. Whether or not you plan to own your own business someday, becoming familiar with materials as these will be an advantage even in your current workplace.

Our world is increasingly becoming a world run by entrepreneurs of all kinds and trade. More often than ever before, these emerging leaders are no longer distant names. They are members of our families, close friends, colleagues, neighbors, and so on. By equipping ourselves with startups knowledge, we can also better support and encourage their voyage.

For more resources and accompanying materials with these lectures, visit https://startupclass.samaltman.com For now, here are just the videos.

Lecture 1 - How to Start a Startup

Lecture 2 - Team and Execution

Lecture 3 - Before the Startup


Lecture 4 - Building Product, Talking to Users, and Growing

Lecture 5 - Competition is for Losers

Lecture 6 - Growth

Lecture 7 - How to Build Products Users Love

Lecture 8 - How to Get Started, Doing Things that Don't Scale, Press

Lecture 9 - How to Raise Money

Lecture 10 - Culture

Lecture 11 - Hiring and Culture, Part 2

Lecture 12 - Building for the Enterprise

Lecture 13 - How to be a Great Founder

Lecture 14 - How to Operate

Lecture 15 - How to Manage

Lecture 16 - How to Run a User Interview

Lecture 17 - How to Design Hardware Products

Lecture 18 - Legal and Accounting Basics for Startups

Lecture 19 - Sales and Marketing; How to Talk to Investors

Lecture 20 - Later-stage Advice

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