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Made of Stone

I seem to enjoy breakup songs – certainly not for the breakup itself, but because of how those songs portray the few key moments we actually become self-aware enough to confront our own contradictions and ask questions that take on a more practical view of life. I especially love Amy Lee’s lyrics, and more than a great singer,…

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Nowhere Near

Sensing Silence I am weakened Moving from this I am moving I still feel you’re with me Are you still there? I smell the roses from your pillow The faint aroma The ashes from the fire They’re still glowing And I think I found the answer To where we’re going We’re going here We’re going…

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So Much To Discover

If you grew up in a home with a television set and a video player, you probably had your share of squeaky voices. You know those voices that sound like when your big sister’s yelling at you? While I did not appreciate cartoons with songs every here and there throughout their play, I get surprised…

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The Winner Takes It All

There are those songs you keep coming back to listen, hearing them every time as though for the first. ‘The Winner Takes It All‘ by ABBA is one of those songs. My mom loved ABBA, and we had all their records, on the gramophone, during my childhood. The band holds a nostalgic sentiment for me both because…

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