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Monthly Archives: August 2015

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Here I come to find myself, catch the tide Looking for a peace at the end of the line Sometimes I can’t help myself feel the tide I’m all at sea and so unwise I’m so afraid I’d lose your love as time goes by But courage is a fire and a beacon so bright…

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Ethereal Featured

It’s easy to romanticize a simpler life that one doesn’t indulge continually. A life much like that of some ideal fellow just two blocks away. He is married to a modest wife, raising a family 一 two good-looking children, and sharing the weekends altogether in simple activities like handball, or skipping, or some other appealing randomness. Their lives…

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One of the topics I have been meaning to write an article on for some time is the subject of politics. This is an aspect of society and life that I typically shied away from, until I realized that it was both inevitable and better confronted. There is a saying that “to care deeply about self-development and…

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So Much To Discover

If you grew up in a home with a television set and a video player, you probably had your share of squeaky voices. You know those voices that sound like when your big sister’s yelling at you? While I did not appreciate cartoons with songs every here and there throughout their play, I get surprised…

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