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Eye Contact: From a Cat Culture to a Dog’s World

This is just a muse. While discussing compassion and acceptance in a small group session recently, our facilitator gave an example of how during a party or similar event, it feels unsettling when a person you are in conversation with is scanning around the room. “It’s almost like you are invisible to them – like…

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How Are You?

There are times you can’t stop looking at your own reflection in the mirror. There are also times when you all but sneak up on it, and avoid making eye contact. “How are you?” This is probably one of the most ubiquitous of questions in English speaking cultures. It is often part of a greeting,…

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Proud Sorrows Featured

“You’re too proud, you’re going to suffer…” Boy affectionately tells Coco as she decides to take a more aggressive position in her newly found independence. The movie is Coco Before Chanel. Boy was right. She had to suffer and suffer she did. It was excruciating to watch, but while at it, she also pioneered an era…

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Prioritize Purpose Over Task

I am an entrepreneur fortunate to be in a line of work that I love and are passionate about. I do my work with purpose and meaning, or not at all. I am disciplined and can be ruthlessly focused. However, I always keep one sentence in perspective – like a kill switch when it gets…

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