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Aimed Messages, Misdeliveries, Another Chance

Today’s post is a variety featuring three guest articles. i) Every writer experiences this: that sometimes awkward situation when a person calls you up to ask whether you were writing about them. Of course that answer is generally No. People often underestimate the patterns in life and everyday interactions. There are usually more people that…

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Ethereal Featured

It’s easy to romanticize a simpler life that one doesn’t indulge continually. A life much like that of some ideal fellow just two blocks away. He is married to a modest wife, raising a family 一 two good-looking children, and sharing the weekends altogether in simple activities like handball, or skipping, or some other appealing randomness. Their lives…

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One of the topics I have been meaning to write an article on for some time is the subject of politics. This is an aspect of society and life that I typically shied away from, until I realized that it was both inevitable and better confronted. There is a saying that “to care deeply about self-development and…

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